Tracking4web Chotta Application Features

Courier & Cargo Tracking is the simplest solution for courier business. If you need to enable Tracking Option in your existing or new website, this is quickest Solution.
Very easy to setup and manage powerful administration. Provide online tracking system of consignment and shipping detail for International or domestic shipping.
We have made this script, a very simple one.
The Script can fit into your new or existing website design. The Header and Footer can be edited to suit your website look and feel ! If you are looking for more advanced features, choose our new version here....

Front end

  • Track Shipment / Consignment
  • Detailed Status
  • Printable View


  • Add Shipment
  • List Shipment
  • Update Status
  • Change Password
  • Statuswide Report
  • Delivered Report
  • Download Report as XLS file
  • Modify Shipment Data

Tracking4web Chotta
version - 4.99

Username : admin
Password : admin